A knitwear pattern generator
version 0.1 alpha
last deploy: 2/22/17
a note from the creator
To my beloved knitting community,
This one's for you. I've knitted for 20 years, many of those years, unsuccessfully. I've knitted my way through all of the types of failure. For me, I faced the typical issues new knitters face: tension gauging, choosing needles, fit and material selection. Additionally, I was sick of going on forums to troubleshoot errors I found in printed patterns, ripping out my hair, etc. I decided to make a knitwear pattern generator that would allow anyone to create garments with any tension, and any body type successfully. Here it is, my first demonstration of the technology. It's a simple comfy tee I made Nina. She loves it. You will too when you make your own. Don't be a stranger, feel free to email me with feature requests and feedback. Help me make this the best it can be. Thanks for your support,

creator of diamond knits

Enter Your Dimensions
Shoulder to Neck
Armpit to Wrist
Armpit to Hip
Ankle circumference
Thigh circumference
Wrist circumference
Enter Your Tension
The Nina Tee
1Cast on ___ stitches
2For the next ___ rows,
3Every ___th row, decrease 2 stitches, one on each side.
You should have a total of ____ stitches.
4for arms: cast on ___ stitches on each side
Split into two balls of yarn ___ stitches in
5knit ___ rows
6Every other row decrease 2 stitches to create the neckline for __ rows.
7knit ___ rows
8Switch back to one ball and close the neck by casting on __ stitches
9Knit __ rows
10Cast off __ on each side to finish the sleeves
11For the next ___ rows,
12Every ___th row, increase 2 stitches, one on each side.
13Repeat the previous step ___ times
14You should have __ stitches cast off all of them.
15FOLD in half pearl side facing in.
16It's time to match the pieces before joining them line up the start and end of the sleeves
17Using a contrasting piece of yarn pin the sleeve start and end points
18Using a contrasting piece of yarn pin the armpit
19Using a contrasting piece of yarn pin the bottom hem front and back
20Seam together the front and back on both sides using the invisible vertical on stockinette stitch
21Weave in all other remaining ends.